A club is all about its members, and Laurel Country Club has always been comprised of the most active and successful of Laurel's residents. For over a 100 years it has lived up to its original purpose which was "engagement in social and sporting activities that will accrue to the general welfare of community life in Laurel and surrounding areas".

Several changes in recent years have laid the groundwork for the resurgence of Laurel Country Club to its esteemed position within the community, including the cleanup and restoration of the elegant clubhouse, as well as working to continuously improve the quality of our food and service. Recruiting, hiring and training the best people available for our staff, we're improving the quality of every experience at Laurel Country Club. Hand picking from the finest professionals available has given Laurel Country Club a staff unrivaled within the area.

The club has also begun a move toward a more family oriented approach, reaching out and recruiting more young members. This insurgence of youth is breathing fresh, new life into the country club. We have converted our swimming pool to a saltwater pool and have increased services available poolside, both of which have aided in the growth and participation of the younger set. On any given summer day the pool at Laurel Country Club is a happening place.

Constantly soliciting opinions from members of all age groups allows us to plan events that appeal to our members. We are here to enhance the experience of each member every time he or she visits the club. The board of directors is focused on immediate needs and long-term objectives that will continue to increase the value of membership at Laurel Country Club.

We are at the cusp of taking Laurel Country Club to a new level. If you're not a member, we ask you to consider joining. If you are a member, we value your opinion and hope you will remain a member for many years. Our goal is to ensure that Laurel Country Club meets your needs, enabling you to interact with your peers while enjoying the finest athletic and social activities in South Mississippi.

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Laurel Country Club Membership

Laurel Country Club is the oldest country club in Mississippi. The club was founded in 1917, and play began on our highly regarded golf course in late 1919, with our first tournament held on February 14, 1920. Today, our storied golf course is only a part of what South Mississippi's finest country club has to offer.